What we Provide

What we Provide

Linux security and stability tools based on our Secure Kernel, Cgroups, WAF, and other Linux security tools designed for banks, state institutions, ISP providers, and others requiring the highest security.

Linux security and stability tools

Main products:

  • Secure Kernel with the custom-developed rules for each client (security)
  • Cgroups with the custom settings (stability)
  • Process limits (stability)
  • Jailkit (security)
  • Support (for security and stability)
  • WAF – Mod Security (security)
  • FileSystem Lock (security)
  • Notifications about unusual system activity

Secure Kernel – custom kernel security rules per application

Who is using it

  • Servers with public services
  • State institutions
  • City institutions
  • Government institution
  • Public institutions
  • Custom Public apps
  • Banks & Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
  • ISP providers
  • Tech companies protecting internal/external systems & networking
  • Industrial and Critical Infrastructure

For what I can use it

  • WebServers public accessible (with the important high security)
  • MailServers public accessible (with the important high security)
  • Database security (with the important high security)
  • Any other software running on a Linux system


Why to Choose Secure Kernel

  • As we can define security per application focusing on isolation of the public applications

Examples of hacked apps without our secure kernel

  • If the app or website access gets hacked the hacker can inject malware and then using that malware send spam, hack the full server, run its own apps, try to hack all other servers in the network….and many other things.

Our secure kernel will prevent all of these actions, even if you integrate our system on the hacked system the hacker will not be able to do anything anymore.

Info about supported operating systems

  • centos 7
  • centos 8
  • rocky
  • alma
  • oracle
  • redhat

What does it secure

  • networking
  • allow access by specific IP or port only isolating app from the whole network
  • file system access
  • restrict app access to specific files, socket
  • restrict app access to files only if user or group ID matches
  • restrict app access to files with exact rules per file, like:

file read
file write
file execute
file append
file truncate
file rename
file getattr
file create
file unlink
file symlink
file link
file chown
file chgrp
file chmod
file chroot
file mkdir
file rmdir
file mkfifo
file mksock
file mkblock
file mkchar
file ioctl
file mount
file unmount
file pivot_root
misc env