Secure Linux Kernel

Secure Linux Kernel is here to protect your server and all services by allowing access only to specific files, variables, and networking.

Cgroups resources limits

Linux kernel feature that limits and allocates resources such as CPU, system memory, and disk I/O per user, group, or application.

WAF - Mod Security

Web application firewall that filters, monitors, blocks HTTP traffic to and from a web service is an important tool for filtering and blocking hacker attacks.

FileSystem Lock

Read-Only mode on your files makes them immune to hacker attacks and hackers can’t make any modifications to your files.

Server Monitoring

We monitor all your server resources, services, and logs with different tools to ensure you have a stable and secure system.

Jailkit - chroot

Jailkit contains various tools to separate and isolate each user in the own file system to restrict access to commands.