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“Get the highest kernel-level security for your servers, website, or apps, trusted by governments, city institutions, IT companies, and many others.”
Dalibor Simunovic

- IT Developer

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More than just Security and Stability System


Secure Linux Kernel

Our Secure Linux Kernel handles file systems and networking with unbeatable security restrictions.

Secure Your Application

Our Secure Kernel will help you to isolate the application from the system and networking.

Custom Development

Custom development of the security and stability rules for each application separately.

Stability Systems

A special set of stability tools to provide the best stability for your application or website.

About Us

Secure Your server
Database & Website Security



Years Of

With our Professionally Driven
Linux Secure Kernel

We’re proud of our Secure Kernel which will Secure your Business and Keep your mission-critical websites UP and running.


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Even in the worst Conditions, Our Dedicated Team will provide you with mission-critical support


We have a big production scale development of our custom Secure Kernel with CWP which is named CWP Secure Kernel where it provides the highest possible security on the market for the shared hosting.

malware Protection 99%
hack protection 99%
stable system 99%

Simple pricing packages

Choose one of our plans

Basic Plan

1 Public Service Kernel Protected
1 Server Deployment
FREE Support
Support Priority: Low

Ultimate Plan

from 225
Multiple Services Kernel Protected
1 Server Deployment
FREE Support
Support Priority: high
Server Monitoring
Stability Tools
WAF Configuration
File System Lock
Jailkit Configuration
Log Monitoring

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Stability per User

Stability limits per user ensure that a single user can't overload the server.

Stability Per Group

Stability limits per group ensure that a specific group of users user can't overload the server.

CPU and Memory Limit

CPU and Memory limits ensure that applications can't overload the server.

DIsk I/O Limits

Disk I/O limits read/write prevent high server load related to disk speed.
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