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Pricing Table

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1 Public Service Kernel Protected
1 Server Deployment
FREE Support
Support Priority: Low

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Multiple Services Kernel Protected
1 Server Deployment
FREE Support
Support Priority: high
Server Monitoring
Stability Tools
WAF Configuration
File System Lock
Jailkit Configuration
Log Monitoring

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You need to protect all services which are available on the internet.
For example, if you have a webmail application then the webserver will be protected.
We can scan your server and let you know all that needs to be protected on it and all that is exposed for hackers to attack.

We set up a learning mode on your server and leave it for a week to learn how your system behaves and based on that our system security experts create kernel rules for your system.
We defined read/write/execute and many other rules for each file separately, next we define all commands it can run, and lastly, we define network access limiting application access to specific IP and port or socket.

Sure we can set up learning mode and track all unusual activity on your server and after that detect and clean unwanted malware and isolate your app from the system and restrict access to specific files and networks.